My Top 5 Kdrama of 2015

top 5 drama

And now! it’s time to drama! but i’m not type of person who watch drama until midnight. i watch drama depend on my mood, so not much drama i watched this year but yes still there are drama that i love so much so, here it is my top 5 Korean Drama (Kdrama), i will do from bottom to top. Lets start!

5. Angry Mom 

angry mom poster

this drama focus on school and family problem, so i recommend this drama if you get bored to watch romance drama

4. Yongpal

yongpal poster

i already review this drama but in Bahasa hahaha. this drama so tense i love it! you can check my review click

3. She Was Pretty

swp poster

yes call me lazy, you can read the review in bahasa of course click here

2. I Remember You


this drama gives you mixed feelings! you can read my review here

And Drama of the year goes to……

1. Pinocchio

Pinocchio poster

This drama finished in early 2015, so honestly i don’t know if this drama are 2014 drama or 2015 drama. But i really love this drama a lot!! like a lot!! Park Shin Ye and Lee Jongsuk chemistry on point!

So, what’s your favourite drama? comment below!

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