My Top 25 Kpop Song of 2015

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before we listening new music in 2016, i think this is must post for closing 2015 hahaha. this post will contain my top 25 kpop song of 2015 and this chart based on my personal preferences. If you think there’s another kpop songs that worth in top 25, feel free to comment oke?. i will do the chart from bottom to top, let’s start!

25. Bangtan Boys (BTS) – Dope

this song is the reason why i started like BTS, this song is dope!

24. Zion.T – Eat

i always love every song from Zion.T and eat is one of my favourite song

23. Primary ft Oh Hyuk – Island 

Primary always make a good song, Oh Hyuk voice is everything!

22. Zico ft Zion.T – Eureka

zico and zion.t just a good combination!

21. iKON – Airplane

iKON known as hiphop group but i love their semi ballad songs!

20. BTOB – It’s Okay

their healing project are perfect!

19. 4Minute – Crazy

this song is crazy!

18. San E ft Baek Yerin – Me You

this song is perfect for summer vibe

17. Seventeen – Mansae

Mansae mansae mansae yeah!

16. Kisum ft Jooyoung – You & Me

Jooyoung voice and kisum rap are a good combination

15. Monsta X – Trespass

Their debut song still the best than Rush

14. iKON – Apology

again their semi ballad song stole my heart

13. Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb

i just love it!

12. Jay Park ft Hoody – Solo

Congratulation Hoody officialy joined AOMG!

11. Infinite – Bad

so good!

10. Hyuk Oh – Comes and Goes

i can say this band are phenomenal

9. GOT7 – If You Do

this concept are perfect for them!

8. Bangtan Boys (BTS) – Butterfly

this song just beautiful

7. SNSD – Lion Heart

they are so pretty!

6. BigBang – Loser

nice song!

5. SHINee – View

they always try a new genre music, which is good for them

4. f(x) – 4 Walls

same genre like SHINee

3. Bangtan Boys (BTS) – Run

hem it looks like i’m bts biased because this is the 3rd bts song in this list right? but their album mood for love pt 1 and 2 are so good!

2. EXO – Love Me Right

i don’t like call me baby, but this song so eargasm

And Song Of The Year goes to……..

1. BigBang – Bang Bang Bang

i really like this song! make you sing and dancing along! bang bang bang!

keut! what do you think about my top 25 Kpop song?


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