My Favourite K-pop songs September 2015

september fav

Say goodbye to September, but! before we say hello to october, i want to tell you guys about my favourite Kpop Song on September. there’s a lot of kpop songs release in september. this post is not music chart but i just want to tell my fav and recomend to you guys and not all my fav songs i reviewed. i will do in particular order. lets start!

  1. G.soul – Crazy For You

When G.soul debut with song called “You” honestly i don’t like it but when he release ballad album “Love me Again” i love it!!! and now he try different genre and i love it too hahaha, you must listen all the songs on his newest album called “Dirty”

2.  Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb

First time hear this song sounds like bang bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj, but if you listen again and again, it’s fun song! hahaha

3.  GOT7 – If You Do

I LOVE IT!!! I JUST LOVE IT!! i can’t explain the reason why i like this song. you must listen this song!!

4.  Jay Park ft Hoody – Solo

i love almost all Jay Park song hehehe and this song is fit for fall season, Jay Park sweet voice is everything, i love it! but too bad the MV isn’t released yet

5.   Soyou feat Kwon Jeongyeol – Lean on me

Queen of collaboration is back!! this song is nice!! the lyrics is tell about when you feel your life is hard there’s other people beside you, you can lean on to them. soyou voice is perfect and the music video is sweet too.

Done! i recomend all this songs to you guys! lean on me is perfect for fall seasons, always support and listen kpop songs oke? can’t wait for october songs. FYI BTOB, EXID, BTS and others will comeback on october! and october is my birthday too! hahaha . what’s your fav september songs? comment below!


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