My Favourite K-pop Songs August 2015

for this post i will try to write in english so forgive me if there any mistakes 🙂

in august there are many Kpop songs release so i will tell you my favourite K-pop Songs August 2015. I will do in particular order:

  1. BigBang – Let’s Not Fall In Love

i’m over fangirling with Bigbang M.A.D.E Series album. i think all the songs represent bigbang music, G-Dragon such a genius producer hihi. And you know what? GD broke up with Kiko so i think this song based on his relationship hahaha. but for me Bang Bang Bang still the best song from M.A.D.E series.

2. B1A4 – Sweet Girl

i don’t really listen B1A4 song before, but since lonely release i love it!! and now Sweet girl is such a sweet serenade song. i’m into B1A4 music now i think their music more mature and JINYOUNG OPPA WHY WHY YOU ALWAYS GOOD LOOKING??!! *pardon my fangirling over him*

3. SNSD – Lion Heart

So glad SNSD back with retro concept, they look pretty and the songs is nice too! FYI SNSD achieve all kill for won 6 music shows!

4. Song Mino feat Taeyang – Fear

This song from Show Me The Money season 4 semi final, OMG I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! big thanks to team ZiPal who produce this song and good job for Mino make the lyrics so nice, but too bad Mino didn’t win 😦 it’s okay! for me both of them (Mino and papa Basick) are the winner!

5. Jooyoung – Downtown Love

he’s Starship X new artist, Jooyoung collaborate with Hyolyn for Erase last year and i love it! for me Erase is one of the best kpop songs in 2014. And now after almost a year he’s back with 3rd Single album called “3”. there’s 2 songs in single album called “Downtown Love” and “Wet”. But i love Downtown Love more than Wet wkwk. Too bad no music video and no music program promotion beacuse jooyoung injured his legs 😦

so, what’s your favourite K-pop songs?

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